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Save time and money with Document Automation

MergeOS makes it simple to automatically generate Word, Excel & PDF documents. Convert your manual documents into dynamic ones and eliminate errors, save hours of busywork and streamline your paperwork process.

Dynamic Templates

Automate any MS Word or Google Doc

Keep using the tools you’re familiar with to create your dynamic documents. MergeOS uses industry standard DOCX files, so you don’t need to learn a new interface to get started. Use your current documents, in your existing word processor, and just add some simple placeholders to tell MergeOS where to put the dynamic data.

Dynamic Spreadsheets

Use spreadsheets for calculations and charts

MergeOS can dynamically send data to a spreadsheet to create charts, graphs and tables or be used in formulas and custom calculations. Build your own business logic in the spreadsheet then use our simple interface to map your data to named ranges in the sheet. MergeOS will then automatically send the results to your Word template.

Online Forms

Use auto-generated online forms to gather data

MergeOS will automatically build an online form based on the fields in your project. Forms can be linked to, sent by email or embedded into your website. Once completed the data is sent through the generation process and a dynamic document is created.

Dynamic Email Notifications

Automatically send emails with attachments

Draft emails using dynamic values from your data, attach the documents you’d like to send and MergeOS will automatically email them as each document is created. Use dynamic email addresses to ensure they go where you need them to go.

Bulk File Generation

Generate multiple documents in seconds

MergeOS provides downloadable templates in CSV format that contain all the columns from your project. Use these to upload multiple records at once and MergeOS will start generating the documents in bulk.

Happy Customers

Case Study - ESK Care

MergeOS helped ESK Care drastically reduce their questionnaire response time from hours to minutes, while providing their customers with personalised product brochures that speak directly to them.

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“Now that we use MergeOS, our customers receive personalized product recommendations almost immediately. Our team can focus on other important work, without needing to worry about formatting emails or manually creating customized product brochures. MergeOS has saved us hours and helps bring in more customers.”

Daniel Rubinstein, Managing Director, ESK Care

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