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“Now that we use MergeOS, our customers receive personalized product recommendations almost immediately. Our team can focus on other important work, without needing to worry about formatting emails or manually creating customized product brochures. MergeOS has saved us hours and helps bring in more customers.” - Daniel Rubinstein, Managing Director, ESK Care.

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Features included in every plan

Powerful Documents
  • Multiple Files
  • Dynamically merge multiple files together to create documents and finely control content and layout
  • Conditional Content
  • Dynamically show or hide parts of a document based on the data
  • Charts, Graphs & Tables
  • Run your data through the Enhance step to create Charts, Graphs & Images you can merge into the generated document
  • Simple Commands
  • Use simple commands to create tables and format your data in generated documents
Privacy & Security
  • SSL/TSL Security
  • Every request to or from MergeOS is sent using Transport Layer Security
  • Encrypted Data
  • Data saved in your account is encrypted at rest using 256 bit encryption
  • Your data, in your control
  • Download your data at any time. Delete it when you don't need it anymore. It's always in your control
  • Privacy
  • We will NEVER sell your email or data. It's your data, and we only use it to generate your documents
  • Send Documents
  • Send an email after each document is generated with the document attached
  • Custom Email Content
  • Use the fields from your data in the email content to customise it for the recipient
  • Custom Recipients
  • Set the TO, CC and BCC of emails dynamically using fields from your data
  • Multiple Notifications
  • Configure multiple notifications for each document generation. For example, send the document to your customer and a separate email to your sales team

Common questions

Do you charge me when the trial is up?

No. We won't ask you for a credit card until the end of your trial. If you don't want to continue, you don't need to do anything. You'll only be charged when you decide.

What is meant by Merges/month?

This is the number of documents that you can generate each month. We only count the final documents that get saved or emailed somewhere.

What is a Document Project?

A Document Project is how MergeOS groups all of the configuration together for generating one type of document.

What happens if I go over the merges/month limit?

We won't stop your documents from generating if you go a little over your limit and we'll send you an email when you do go over. If you are going over the limits consistently, you'll be prompted to upgrade to a higher tier.

What are the webforms for?

MergeOS automatically creates webforms based on the columns in your data. You can then use those forms to enter data and generate document right away.

What is the storage space for?

Storage space is used to store the data uploaded to create documents and also for your Word and Excel templates, images and the documents you generate. You can choose what is stored in MergeOS when building your reports. Generated document storage is temporary and will be stored in your account for 4 weeks. After that time they are removed from the system. You can always re-generate documents from the data.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes. We offer a lifetime 20% discount for non-profit organisations. Just sign up for the 15-day trial and then email us and we'll apply your discount.