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Become a document creation champion

It's like a super-powered mail merge.

Automatically generate documents from your data. Use Word for formatting and Excel to do calculations or generate charts. MergeOS will automatically build the document and email recipients.

Import your data

Upload a CSV file to create a table of data.

Link two tables together to use advanced features like dynamic tables and charts that can be merged into your generated documents.

Hook up tables to web forms or third-party apps via the API or Zapier and new records will be added automatically.

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Build your template

Use Word & Excel to create your documents. Re-use the templates & documents you already use in your business.

Add simple placeholders to a Word document to create a template.

Our powerful Excel integration lets you dynamically merge data into Excel to create Charts, Graphs and Table

Upload the final templates back into the project, and you're almost done.

Learn about Word integration Learn about Excel integration

Save & Send

Choose a place to save your generated documents. MergeOS lets you create folders and store files in your account.

Integrate with over 2000 other 3rd party apps to save or send your data using Zapier, or use our API to integrate with anything.

Setup notifications using dynamic data for subject, body and email address. Conditionally send emails based on the current data.

Click run! Sit back. Smile.

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Take control of your documents, make your office more efficient and your people happier!