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Automatically create Word, Excel and PDF documents

  • Stop manually entering information into documents
  • Make your business more efficient, lower costs & reduce errors.
  • Use Word & Excel to build templates or use your existing documents.
  • Integrate with 1000's of other application and services

Superpowered merge
for Word and Excel documents

Build your template

Use your existing MS Word templates & documents. Just add some simple placeholders for your data, then use the standard Word formatting tools to layout and style your template.

Jazz it up!

Create charts, graphs and formulas in Excel to enhance your data before it's merged into your documents. Dynamically include images and files from your library.

Merge & send

Generate your documents using data from Excel, web forms or through the API. Save as PDF, Word or Excel and send using dynamic email addresses and content.

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"Wow" your customers and clients with amazing looking documents.

Charts, Graphs & Formulas

MergeOS can use Excel files to change or modify your data before it's merged into the final template.

Use Excel to create charts, graphs or formulas and MergeOS will automatically merge the results into the final document.

Beautiful Templates

Use our ready-made Word & Excel templates to get started or just to fire-up your creativity.

We publish new templates, images and icons regularly, along with articles on design that will help make your documents shine.

Dynamic Notifications

Configure emails with custom to-addresses, subjects and body content.

Attach the generated documents in multiple formats.

Data Integration

Upload your data to MergeOS from a CSV file or integrate with 1000’s of other apps via Zapier or our own API.

Link your data together to create advanced tables and charts.

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