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Create embeddable web forms that generate PDF and office documents

Are you dealing with handwritten forms, or manually retyping and copy/pasting between documents? MergeOS helps you generate Word, Excel & PDF files from online forms, CSV uploads or API integrations. You can't buy back your time, but you can save hours by using MergeOS.

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Dynamic Documents

Automate your Word, Excel and PDF Documents

  • Eliminate manual & error prone steps from your business process.
  • Generate applications, order forms, letters, request forms and more.
  • Ensure a consistent style across your business documents.
  • Generate PDF files from Word documents

Dynamic Spreadsheets

Connect spreadsheets for custom calculations

  • Push data into Excel to create charts, graphs & tables.
  • Send form data to Excel and run custom formulas & calculations.
  • Build your own business logic and keep your IP in Excel.
  • Include the calculated results in the generated Word or PDF docs.

Online Forms

Use online forms to gather data & generate files

  • Turn your PDF & Word forms into online forms that output files.
  • Embed online forms directly in your website.
  • Create surveys, questionnaires, order forms and more.
  • Our simple form builder makes it easy to get started.

Dynamic Email Notifications

Automatically send emails with attachments

  • Send generated documents automatically, to the right people.
  • Use fields to customise your email subject, body and recipients.
  • Attach the generated Word, PDF & Excel files to your emails.

Bulk File Generation

Generate multiple documents in seconds

  • Upload multiple records in CSV & generate files in bulk.
  • Save hours! Let MergeOS create files while you focus elsewhere.
  • Works great for certificates, reports, client letters etc.

Happy Customers

Case Study - ESK Care

MergeOS helped ESK Care drastically reduce their questionnaire response time from hours to minutes, while providing their customers with personalised product brochures that speak directly to them.

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“Now that we use MergeOS, our customers receive personalized product recommendations almost immediately. Our team can focus on other important work, without needing to worry about formatting emails or manually creating customized product brochures. MergeOS has saved us hours and helps bring in more customers.”

Daniel Rubinstein, Managing Director, ESK Care

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